Poem with Sea Slug and Plasma Putty

Children will ask when the world 
is going to end or when they're 
going to die; or if they'll have to lie
on cold linoleum in a pool of some other 
child's blood and pretend to be dead 
so they have a chance to survive. 
Whatever answer anyone comes 
up with, it won't ever be enough 
and the world won't lack for so-called 
metaphysical questions. What I mean is, 
trimming basil a few days ago, I nicked 
my finger hard with the tip of the kitchen 
shears. I flinched and bled but didn't faint 
or die; today I can see the wound closing. 
I know lizards leave their tails behind 
when in danger, and grow them back
again. In a time-lapse video, you can watch 
a decapitated sea slug grow another heart 
and a whole new body from the pulsing 
jelly of its severed parts. The scientist
who looped a nylon thread around its neck 
and pulled tight in opposite directions
is off-camera, but you can see the moment
when its goopy head pops off like a piece
of polymer slime then wobbles to the side.  
If only the fluid particles in our human
bodies could stretch and slide like that.

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