Self Portrait with Bunions

A bunion is a deformity of the joint on the side of the big toe. 
Bunions can be very painful, and in time could develop into bursitis. 
Caged in pointy-toe shoes, feet might be more prone to this.
Dents develop in buttery leather in the exact shape of the bump.
Each bursa in the body is like a little sac 
filled with fluid that should cushion soft tissue and bone. What
generates the swelling could also be family
history—my mother had the same condition.
In some instances, a bunion 
juts out on the side of the little toe, What I didn't
know is that this is called a bunionette. The word incites
laughter— and the unlikely image of a cinnamon bun 
mashed together with ugly toes. There's
nothing I can really do except 
ogle rows of stilettos with high vamps, then
pass them over for more reasonable styles.
Quaint rhinestone buckles, suede,  
ribbon ties, kitten heels—my mother 
swooned over all kinds of new shoes. 
T-straps one season, patent leather the next.
Unlike her, I have heavier, fuller calves; would probably
veer into the nearest pavement crack or
wobble down the stairs as I make ungraceful
exit. At the end of a long day, I'll drop into a chair,
yank off my boots or sneakers; try to be
zen about these ginger bulbs, one smaller than the other. 

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