We Only Want an Equal Chance to be Happy

Wolf spiders and hamsters have been known 
to eat their young; black bears, pandas, to leave 
them— Nothing new that hasn't been shown

on National Geographic or the Animal Channel. 
Were they happy or not? Is this beside the point
for wolf spiders and hamsters? But you know 

a very specific anguish: what comes of feeling
we can only be as happy as our saddest chlld. You
think there's nothing new that can be known,

but there' s so much nuance in everything—
Sometimes, too much to bear. Such times make me
wish I were simple instinct: like creatures in the wild

blind to the weight of human sorrows, blind
to the real possibilities of future joys. But I don't
have the heart of wolf spider or hamster. How do we
put an end to the pain we're told is all we can know?

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