Nation, Name

Name, from Middle English. To mention, call,
            anoint, appoint. Nation, from natio, to birth.

Most of us cannot remember our true names
            before we were given the names we bear.

Some names were given to women only
            as derivatives of their husbands' names.

The prefixes to such names simply meant and 
           or of: y, de, de la. My father gave me a surname

that meant eagle or haunt of eagles; the first
           time I shed it to marry, I tried on a new name

meaning affection. Even affection can turn brutal
          or smothering—that didn't become the endgame.

I thought about it carefully when I remarried; and again
          when I raised my right hand in that ritual called 

becoming American. What name do you choose 
          to call yourself, the only country you will ever have?

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