Self-Portrait as Lucy Plaque

         “Who Wants to live Forever? – if love must die” 
                                                                                      Brian May 

The words of seven North American poets 
are inscribed on a plaque which the Lucy

spacecraft is carrying, as it travels between
Earth and the Trojan asteroids for the next

million years. Another capsule cast into deep
space, addressed this time to our descendants.

Peace and Love, says Ringo Starr— curated  
evidence meant to show we were not really 

monsters. That we tried, believing in what we 
called the basic goodness  of the human heart, 

despite the wars we waged and our neverending 
extraction of precious elements for profit.  After 

the launch, the naked eye won't see how our 
dispatches fare; they'll circle the long orbit of time, 

signalling our hope—the way I tell myself it isn't
foolish to think that someday, I'll hear from you. 

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