To Westminster by water with Sir W. Batten and Sir W. Pen (our servants in another boat) to the Admiralty; and from thence I went to my Lord’s to fetch him thither, where we stayed in the morning about ordering of money for the victuallers, and advising how to get a sum of money to carry on the business of the Navy. From thence dined with Mr. Blackburne at his house with his friends (his wife being in the country and just upon her return to London), where we were very well treated and merry.
From thence W. Hewer and I to the office of Privy Seal, where I stayed all the afternoon, and received about 40l. for yesterday and to-day, at which my heart rejoiced for God’s blessing to me, to give me this advantage by chance, there being of this 40l. about 10l. due to me for this day’s work. So great is the present profit of this office, above what it was in the King’s time; there being the last month about 300 bills; whereas in the late King’s time it was much to have 40. With my money home by coach.
It being the first time that I could get home before our gates were shut since I came to the Navy office.
When I came home I found my wife not very well of her old pain in the lip of her chose, which she had when we were married first.
I went and cast up the expense that I laid out upon my former house (because there are so many that are desirous of it, and I am, in my mind, loth to let it go out of my hands, for fear of a turn). I find my layings-out to come to about 20l., which with my fine will come to about 22l. to him that shall hire my house of me.
To bed.

another boat to burn
in the country of the heart

for a day’s work
home could be a hut

I am cast up
out of my hands

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Thursday 2 August 1660.

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