Dreams and Legends

In some legends, the earth
is supported by four elephants

balancing on a turtle's back.
Do they ever get the urge

to flick their tails at mosquitoes,
fold their legs, fall asleep 

in their precarious duty?
And when they dream 

do they twitch  so dangerous 
fissures open in the earth? 

I was told that dreams 
work by opposites— 

If you dream of catastrophe,
a windfall instead. Or a love rekindled, 

a quarrel healed. If at dawn 
the rooster crows with orange blades, 

the day might be more forgiving
after a night when houses shrivelled

to nothing in the mouth of fire. I suspect 
this is one way of softening whatever 

the sky lobs at you the first thing 
in the morning, the last thing at night.

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