Camp John Hay

It used to be a military camp and air station for the Americans 
in colonial times. They named it after the Secretary of State 
who called the Spanish-American war a splendid little war. In that 
war, the US defeated Spanish forces in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and 
the Philippines. When I was growing up, my father liked to take us 
there for breakfast on special occasions. His favorite was a restaurant 
called The Nineteenth Tee, overlooking the golf course. He pointed out 
the clipped bermuda grass and the clean sidewalks, saying this was what 
made it look like "Little America." Later I realized the menu was just basic
American cafeteria fare:  burgers and fries, chipped beef on soggy 
toast, milk in cartons, apple pie. Now, it's what the city calls a multi-use 
development: forest watershed, chain stores, Starbucks, tourist cottages 
next to call centers where any of the agents of global corporations  
will put you on hold before taking your customer service call. 

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