1. This just sounds wonderful. I’ll be checking in to see how it’s going and read your blog entries. (Yes, looking forward to receiving Odes to Tools!)

    I will be reading as much poetry as possible in April, and writing it, but April is always a busy month for me, 2-3 out-of-town events, so…I’ll be vicarious here.

    But I am doing the poetry giveaway!

    1. It’s definitely a busy time of year. I think we online poetry fans should all get together and elect a better candidate for Poetry Month, when not much is happening — January, say.

  2. Thanks for your kind words about me. With our current governor and state legislators, it’s easy to seem like a sane Floridian (I also realize, given the last 10 years, that the phrase “sane Floridian” must seem like an amusing oxymoron!).

    I’m thrilled to be part of this project!

    1. Awfully glad you suggested it. Even if it ends up being just you and me reading all four books, it will still be worthwhile. It just seemed as if we ought to throw the book club idea out there, out of fairness to the poets who have agreed to let us harass interview them.

  3. I should expect nothing less.

    Very glad about Wales, Dave–more shenanigans.

    1. Odd that we who live, what? five hours apart? will be meeting for the first time in Ystwyth!

      1. I thought that also–but entertaining, nevertheless!

        Still trying to figure out the weather. I like to just bring a tiny stewardess bag, but it may be a bit chilly.

  4. Count me in!
    Last April my favorite local bookstore gave free bookmarks with a different poem for each day of the month – as many as you like they said – just pass them around.
    There are many ways for a poem to travel….

      1. Me too! Might be something to try out at my local (well, almost local) used bookstore next year if I can figure out how to print them up cheaply.

        1. Yes, I bet you could figure out a good way, given that you are tech-savvy. (Some people are tech-illiterate enough to think I am tech-savvy, which is an utter absurdity.) Good paper and a proper cutter ought to set you up.

        1. You could coordinate it with your blog–do a summary piece on local poets, and then put the link on each bookmark. You might get more local readers, a thing that is often harder than picking up readers in China and Iran!

  5. This is such an awesome idea. I’m a bit behind the ball, so I doubt I’m going to manage to read and review all four — and I’ve already posted about Ren’s beautiful book! — but I am ordering Igloria’s book now in hopes of being able to read it and review it in sync with you and others.

    1. Hooray! Our choice of Luisa’s next-to-most-recent book, rather than her latest, was a bit arbitrary, but I’ve already read enough of both to feel confident in recommending them. But then you might’ve noticed I have a special fondness for Luisa’s work (and this was true long before she began to write Morning Porch poems).

  6. Woohoo, woohoo, woohoo! Can’t wait to read these reviews and the conversations they will undoubtedly spark. Go you for taking this on.

  7. thanks for the link! and i think this is a great idea!

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