1. Wow, this video-poem is just gorgeous, engaging, moving… I love Nic’s new site too. Things in this area are reaching an exciting new level.

    • Thanks, Jean. Yes, I’m encouraged by all the new people who have taken up videopoem-making lately, and of course Nic’s forays into both video- and audiopoetry are always impresive.

    • You’re right, the gift shop was a travesty. I’ve seen commercial caves with more tasteful assortments of knick-knacks, gee-gaws and ticky-tacky.

  2. Aiee, que maravillosa, que bella, Nic y Dave. Thanks, too, for Neruda’s reading of his poem. I am particularly touched by Nic’s reading in Spanish. Truly, “la lengua de Dios.”

    • Thanks for watching, Albert. Yes, I think having this read in a female voice , and so expressively, is key to the success of the video.

  3. Luisa Igloria

    Wonderful collaboration! And I love your translation, Dave.

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