1. Wow, this video-poem is just gorgeous, engaging, moving… I love Nic’s new site too. Things in this area are reaching an exciting new level.

    1. Thanks, Jean. Yes, I’m encouraged by all the new people who have taken up videopoem-making lately, and of course Nic’s forays into both video- and audiopoetry are always impresive.

    1. You’re right, the gift shop was a travesty. I’ve seen commercial caves with more tasteful assortments of knick-knacks, gee-gaws and ticky-tacky.

  2. Aiee, que maravillosa, que bella, Nic y Dave. Thanks, too, for Neruda’s reading of his poem. I am particularly touched by Nic’s reading in Spanish. Truly, “la lengua de Dios.”

    1. Thanks for watching, Albert. Yes, I think having this read in a female voice , and so expressively, is key to the success of the video.

  3. Luisa Igloria

    Wonderful collaboration! And I love your translation, Dave.

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