Shall we dance?

Natalie suggested that each participating blogger follow our comma-free, one-sentence posts with additional sentences, continuing the same story line, so I did. But this is one of those stories where you, dear reader, must do all the work, supplying plot, character and motive along with the commas. You can star in this one yourself, if you like. Someone has to take the initiative around here!

Shall we play Twenty Questions the way we used to when we were small and crammed together into the back seat with almost the whole vacation behind us now & spotting license plates had begun to wear thin (though some of us had hated that game from the moment it got started) & we added a fourth category to the traditional three so Ideas were included which often of course made it impossible to solve in just 20 questions because how in the hell do you decide whether or not Democracy is bigger than a breadbox?

Or should we instead aspire to levity as on the evening of an alcohol-free family get-together on New Year’s Eve & take the questions dealt for us from decks not of our own imagining but focus our attention instead on the progress of plastic surrogates around a racetrack where the outcome seems heavily weighted in favor of those with the best memories for all the momentous events in the life of this particular colony of yeast?

And if we ever settle on a medium then shall we decide who asks whom the way one might volley for a serve or choose first move in a chess match based on the color of pawns held tight in a pick of fists?

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