1. Tell me what language your left hand speaks while your right hand is busy here with the pen. Parse a sentence in it.

2. From dreaming about salamanders, can you remember how it felt to breathe through your skin & listen with the bones in your feet? Use both sides of the paper if necessary.

3. You wake to a thunderstorm on a hot August night; fear mingles with pleasure at the cooling breeze. If you were God, would you prefer being dead to a state of disembodied abstraction? Please provide etymologies for any neologisms.

4. A few snowflakes are sifting down from a clear dawn sky. It’s quiet. In another couple of minutes, the black lace will turn into ordinary treetops. If you wanted to stop time, how would you go about it? Show, don’t tell.

5. I’m curious about what you might have muttered before flushing down that mouse you found floating dead in the toilet just now. Please explain why I have no right to know.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The house made of sunset, day before yesterday.

I’m traveling to Mississippi to visit my brother and his family; I won’t be back until around December 1. While I’m gone, please consider visiting some of the blogs listed in the column to your right.

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