So nice to get up in the morning and find these warming words! I am very pleased and a little surprised that you are all so complimentary about the design (though I suppose those who don’t like it won’t feel compelled to leave a comment).

Beth – Would an anarchist host have his guest behave any other way than unruly? Mi casa es – uh – la casa de todo y nadie!

Soen Joon – “This is a template and layout that can handle sudden poetic curves, an onslaught of words, the patter of pee.” Hee! I don’t know if I’ll share this specific quote with the Swedish designer of the template when i get around to sending him a note of thanks. Something might get lost in the translation.

“Any kind of tea is good for pee!â€? Piss wisdom – I love it! My favorite graffito from the men’s room at a bar in State College, PA: “I’ll be right back. I have to go drink a beer.” Samsara in a nutshell.

Ivy – Thanks for stopping by!

Jean – I’m encouraged by your reaction. Since we used the same, not terribly popular template at Blogger, we obviously have similar tastes.