Peter – I’m glad you like this.

In the next couple of years, WordPress may well overtake Blogger as the free blogging software of choice. aims to introduce a number of newtemplates and keep all the basic services free, so that willbecome a really attractive option to those who don’t want to bother with finding their own server and such.

I can’t take credit for the icon – that was the work of my cousin Matt, a tech guru who is also hosting this blog on his server. I like that it preserves a visual link to my old blog, though I suppose at some point I might try and incorporate the full-size GIf into the stuff at the bottom of the page as well.

There are plenty of templates (“themes”) to look at – check the listing here or here. The leanness of WordPress code might allow Slow Reads to load more quickly out here in slow-modem land. (Not that I’m complaining, understand – it’s not a real nuisance since I can link separately to the blog, and the main page only changes once a month.)