Get the marshmallows

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My sixth entry in the self-portrait marat

I got an email from Lorianne this morning:

Do you realize your two most recent posts are “Flag Flies”????


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7 Replies to “Get the marshmallows”

  1. Irreverent, surely. Smokin’ flag of the self-portrait. After the flies, this made me laugh (well, that made me laugh too). It’s postmodern, oh it is. Witty, self-abnegating, pastiches of tradition, the whole crumbling artifice of art. Burning of the boy scouts of America. Now where’d that come from? You could be a Mounty (stand on guard, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police). Investigative Eye asks, why are the flames on the same side as the flies?

  2. Gotta burn out my sinister side, I guess!

    I view this one as a blueprint; the real art would be in the actual execution of what it depicts. I should see if, or some similar outfit, offers print-on-demand flags…

  3. A flag of your self portrait on fire on a t-shirt, rather. Oh, go for the t-shirt! Mug-shot on a flag, uh uh. Well, if you want…

    Dave, there are better ways to deal with sinister sides, but it does depend on what sort of sinister.

    And the type of fire.

  4. Not to worry. Custom flags are well outside my budget – I checked.

    Type of fire? You mean like brush fire, wildfire, ring of fire, great balls of fire?

  5. You gave me a good morning laugh. Then I googled fires, and came up with this site.

    Lots of types there, and more. Weirdly done, centered and all, but a gov site apparently. Choose your fire, I say!

    Again, we don’t know what sort of sinister. Was thinking perhaps of the karmic fire:

    And he trembled with inner fire…

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