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My second entry in the self-portrait marathon

“Microsoft: Zombies most prevalent Windows threat,” says the headline. Zombies? O.K., I’ll bite.

Many Windows PCs have been turned into zombies, but rootkits are not yet widespread, according to a Microsoft security report slated for release Monday.

More than 60 percent of compromised Windows PCs scanned by Microsoft’s Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool between January 2005 and March 2006 were found to be running malicious bot software, the company said. The tool removed at least one version of the remote-control software from about 3.5 million PCs, it added. That’s compared with an overall 5.7 million machines with infections overall.

“Backdoor Trojans”are a significant and tangible threat to Windows users,” Microsoft said in the report.

Let me be your backdoor Trojan, baby.

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9 Replies to “Zombie”

  1. Do I spy an internet love poem here…? That last line… hmmn, well, do hope the object of your desire responds, Trojan, baby and all. Or, rather, Trojan, (I get the pun on words, I think) so no baby and all. Oh, maudlin here today! Hope that’s ok…

  2. I’ve been shying away from the self-portrait marathon since I suck at drawing people, and the thought of trying to draw myself is terrifying. But now that you’ve proven that photo self-portraits are okay, I’ll have to get my tail in gear.

    (And maybe–just maybe–snapping digi-pix will give my drawing hand courage…)

  3. and btw, I couldn’t help but giggle at “Let me be your backdoor Trojan, baby.” Now won’t *that* generate some interesting Google hits????

    (Can anyone explain to me why a condom *and* countless high school sports teams would name themselves after the LOSING side of the Trojan War?)

  4. Natalie – I dunno about Macs. Is there any reason why viruses couldn’t target them, other than that there are too few to bother with? Thus, isn’t Mac ownership kind of an exclusive club which, like all such clubs, would be ruined if too many people joined?

    R.A. – Thanks. Right on. In fact, I do expect the whole Internet thing to vanish someday, if not by an act of Congress, then some other way.

    Brenda – There really should have been a poem/blues parody there, but I was too lazy to write it, I’m afraid.

    Lorianne – I think you need to face your fear and get out the drawing pad. But one way or another, it would be great to have you throw your hat in the ring.

    I can’t explain the enduring popularity of the Trojan name. But I can tell you that we had a dog named Trojan when I was a kid. I named him myself, after hearing Mom say, “Boy, look at that puppy! He eats like a little Trojan!”

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