Self-portrait in proverbs

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frost hand
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A footprint is a sign; a handprint is a message.

This one says: I choose transparency because that’s the best way to hide.

Solitude is a salt lake with five inlets.

Sand can return to stone, but can glass ever return to sand?

My hand was so thick, I couldn’t see the fog in front of me.


tree face


Ice is a form of immobility that doesn’t keep. By the time I got my photos of the ice storm home & took them out of my camera, they had already lost almost all their glitter.

When the sky falls, it clings to everything. Trees snap with the weight of it. Beauty is best kept at arm’s length.

If it weren’t for wonder, I might have to go make something of myself.

Trees in the winter aren’t sleeping; they’re procrastinating.

Always remember that nature is out to kill you.


Inspired by the posts at the communal self-portrait site Autography (tagline: “Self-Portrait as Story”).

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16 Replies to “Self-portrait in proverbs”

  1. I really like “My hand” and “When the sky falls.”

    It made me think: any proverb’s a self-portrait. (I remember my prof’s point: Polonius’s aphorisms are in the context of a play.)

  2. Thanks for the comments. It’s fun hearing which ones y’all like. And Polonius: hadn’t thought of that, but yes! Good negative role model for me.

    Theriomorph – Oh, you think it’ll fit? I thought it was probably a little too “out there.” But sure. I’d be honored.

  3. Thanks for stopping by at Romantic Naturalist, Dave. Yes, I’d appreciate seeing the Reed Noss piece if you find it; haven’t read anything of his in awhile.

    By the way, I really enjoyed this post and the very intriguing photograph. Layers of imagery…

  4. Natalie, it’s a handprint on a window. I’m still not sure why I made the print, but immediately after I did so, I thought “picture”!

  5. Now I see.

    You have a whole series of photos of icy, snowy subjects in tones of blue/white/gold that are absolutely stunning. They would make a great installation somewhere suitable – have you thought about it?

  6. Natalie, I’m honored by your high opinion of them. At the moment, I’m not thinking much beyond learning the craft. I’ve never even made a print!

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