Election Day morning: haiku

Election Day morning.
I wake from lascivious dreams
to a screech owl’s quaver.


Election Day morning.
In the bathroom, small toothmarks
all over my soap.


Election Day morning.
The factory whistle seems
to go on forever.


Election Day morning.
Smell of rain, sound of woodpeckers
banging their heads.


Election Day morning.
I make a neat little pile
of my toenail clippings.


Election Day morning.
My wristwatch is now six days
& four hours behind.


Election Day morning.
Gray squirrels forage in the oaks.
The clatter of acorns.

* * *

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17 Replies to “Election Day morning: haiku”

  1. election day morning
    eggs boiled in the shell and a
    cup of daily grind

    election day morning
    the last of the leaves falling
    taken by the wind

    election day morning
    sunrise festoons the bare trees
    with patches of fire

  2. Election day morning
    the newly-hatched flies walk round
    in circles, questing.

    Election day morning
    wind catches a gelding’s tail
    he spooks all the others

    Election day morning
    the train to Los Angeles
    only two hours late

  3. all-action, they
    turn the newly hatched files
    in circles, belching

    erection, gay,
    I wake from troubled dreams
    to find my hands vanished

    a lecherous dray,
    tugging at the mules whether
    they like it or not

  4. Election day morning,
    Tea, baguette,
    apricot jam.

    My father voted
    at 7:30, then sat
    in the graveyard.

    Election day morning.
    Above the border
    you can almost forget.

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