chickadeeThe main thing about trees, I’ve noticed, is that they are big. Not to mention hard. So if you plan on adding trees to your regular diet, you’d be well advised to chew slowly and take many small bites.

There’s a lot to chew on at the new Festival of the Trees #5 — the blog carnival for all things treeish. True to form, British blogger, photographer and journalist Rachel Rawlins has put together a very aesthetically pleasing post. Her own contribution (apart from the compilation itself) is the festival’s very first example of tree audio! I hope others will be inspired to record tree sounds for next month’s festival — or simply get out in the woods wherever you live and try and take it all in.

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  1. Trees…

    One of the things that disappointed me about Florida was that most of the types of palm trees were not even native – they’d been brought here by the Spanish. . . . just one more bogus thing about Florida.

  2. I hear you. From the earliest Spanish expeditions, white people always seem to have come looking for something that wasn’t really there (and killing or displacing what was there in the process). The name itself derives from the age-old European myth of an earthly paradise somewhere across the sea to the west (La Florida: the flowering land). So now we have the Magic Kingdom and the launching pad for space-voyage fantasies at Cape Canaveral.

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