Bill – Fukuoka’s philosophy rejects the willy-nilly application of scientific (or scientistic) dogma, not the scientific method per se. His own technique of natural farming was something he only discovered because of radical skepticism, a willingness to question all received truths, and his approach is thoroughly experimental. It simply takes a holistic and ecologcial view rather than approaching agricultural challanges piecemeal. If you’re at all interested in the subject, his book The One-Straw Revolution is a very entertaining read.

I’m glad you’ve discovered and are enjoying my new links category. Thanks for the reminder to check out James Booker, as well as the reminder that YouTube remains pretty much off-limits to those on dial-up, except for those with infinite patience like yorself. At the moment, it’s one of the best rewards for getting high-speed access, but I don’t expect that to last, because a lot of the great, historic footage that’s on there now will probably be taken down to avoid lawsuits.