Thanks for the rejoinder Dave, and am glad I got it wrong about Fukuoka. I also got fogged up about what I took to be a similar anti-science bent in Wendell Berry, whom I know very little about and I will probably never try to sort that matter out. I should read Fukuoka, for my father has become quite active helping to establish a foundation for a the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis and I have been hearing alot about it, as well as actually touring the mind-boogling facility, replete with incredible research hardware. William Danforth, M.D. has made what will probably be his final professional goal in life: getting this center financially established. The center is sponsoring world class science in the study of drought resistance, pest resistance, with the hope of keeping the world’s population fed in coming years. It is an interesting latest act in a family whose fortune was built from the factory-ization of our nation’s prairies to produce grains for animal and human consumption. Now, with these food factories under threat and the need for further food sources worldwide, comes the effort to sustain them. I wonder what if any meaning Fukuoka might have to the researchers at the Danforth Center.

Oh, further thanks for bringing up the matter of displaying text in languages other than English. I’m not sure my older operating system can do it, but it really is a breakthrough to know that it can be done, as I already have on another computer. You might find it quizzical that I would wish to google in a language which I cannot read, but I very much do, as it is images not words which I am after. All I need is to ferret out a few key search words. I can’t wait!