Three tanka

A tiny spider
has spun its web across
the lens of my camera.
I check the memory stick
for pictures of flies.


Slender bodies,
legs impossibly long,
translucent wings:
stranger than any daydream,
the crane flies float through the trees.


On the damp woods trail
my boots scarcely make a sound.
Squirrels keep throwing fits —
as startled as me, this July morning,
by the apparition of my breath.

14 Replies to “Three tanka”

  1. First, LOL;
    Second, planar like a painting;
    Third, explosive with contrast and surprise,
    the favorite; the space from ground to tree top crisscrossed with sound and gas; two points of view. “Apparition” is great, a slide between “appear” and a plosive exhalation, a cloud puffed with puh sounds.

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