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These are my thoughts
Engaging in Conversation
A thing about other things
Just another WordPress.com weblog

Where the hell is Poeville?
Joann’s little corner =)
You know you want it.
A source of relevant information.

Crunchy on the inside.
Just ticking along
The long road to literary success
Just another WordPress.com weblog

Capturing the Film World One Frame at a Time
I don’t wanna miss a thing
About me and my thoughts
But texas loves me anyway

Welcome to my mid-life crisis
Where I Open My Brain And Pour It Out On A Metal Slab. Poke If You Must.
More people fail from a lack of encouragement than anything else!
Just another WordPress.com weblog

One man’s gripes against… well, everything…
Unlock the treasures within!
Tacos. Palabras. Espanol. English. Love. Life. Food. Movies. Poetry. Photos. Chicano. Alma.
Spiritual caffeine for advancing the Kingdom.

Life In The Age Of Promise
Pursuing datameaningfulness, online and off
Much study is a wariness of the flash.
Just another WordPress.com weblog

All lines are actual blog taglines, found by surfing WordPress.com blogs. The refrain is the default tagline, which a surprising number of bloggers elect to keep.

11 Replies to “Taglines”

  1. Well, but remember, nothing says you have to have a tagline. Plenty of WP.com bloggers elect not to (and some themes don’t display them).

    I am really digging “Much study is a wariness of the flash,” though.

  2. Yeah, like my wife, the “helpmeet.” (Or, God forbid, “helpmeat.”)

    (Back to “much study”: I checked out his blog, and I couldn’t tell if he mangles it on purpose. My guess is that he does.)

  3. Peter – He’s a math guy, so I’m guessing it’s on purpose, and also intentionally obscure.

    David – I thought about that, but I didn’t want the source bloggers to see the incoming links and decide I was making fun of them. It should be easy enough to find all but the generic ones by googling, as Peter did.

  4. I opted for ‘much study…’ as being the most obscure and gnomic, do you think it might be an anagram?
    Otherwise it would have to be ‘a thing about other things’ which makes the least claim for itself…

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    I really should’ve taken the time to find more gnomic/interesting taglines, but that would be a different kind of post, I guess. it was fun to mix the pedestrian with the bizarre.

    I like the doll house image, robin!

  6. hey, wow. thanks for noticing.
    one of my best aphorisms i think.
    (and i utter ’em sometimes
    despite myself…)

    viva via negativa!

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