Apropos of nothing, I broke out my bike for the spring today, and way rewarded by a couple of “wildlife” sightings in and around my local mall/asphalt desert.

First there were about a half-dozen geese hanging out on and around various buildings, just chatting with each other, then later I spotted what I think was a groundhog. (At a guess, 15-20 pounds of scampering brown critter.) Its presumed lair is a tangle of brush adjacent to both a K-mart parking lot and a major highway. Since I also found an ex-squirrel in the parking lot, that gives me mixed feelings…..

I got some photos of the geese, but I didn’t get too close. I wasn’t worried about scaring them off, so much as ticking them off. Those are big birds! (Somebody else buzzed them on his bike without incident, but that’s his business.) The groundhog disappeared too quick for me to pull my camera.

Ironically, I haven’t seen diddly-squat on my local hiking trail — barely any birds, even. But I’ve snagged a bunch of wild garlic!