robin andrea – Some of the layers includes an equalization, a Gaussian blur, and a sharpening via the poster edges effect. Just for you, I’ve temporarily uploaded the unprocessed photo. Please let me know when you’ve seen it so I can take it down.

Bill – Yes, here too.

quiet regular – Hey, I’m glad you thought so.

David – If I can shoot a good video of a groundhog, I know at least one reader of this blog who will be ecstatic… and I’d probably be pretty pleased myself. They’re actually quite wary up here.

In general, I think bicycles or very quiet cars afford more wildlife sitings than walking, because you’re on top of the critters before they know it. Of course, sitting still is by far the best way to see stuff, but few of us make the time for that.

Wild garlic is pretty tasty for a week or two before it gets too rangey. I should harvest some myself.