I like the unexpected connections in this. The last stanza speaks to me, I’ve found things just like that sometimes.

Btw, don’t know if its something to do with your blog or my computer, but when I try to comment on your earlier posts which already have lots of comments, I can’t access the comment box, it doesn’t show up.

I had wanted to comment on the post with the beautiful butterfly photo to say that its a shame about your frog population (though I think I’ve already said that about previous posts) and also to say that when are politicians really going to see that we need to reduce energy use as much as we need to find new ways of accessing energy sources and when are we all going to learn to take all the environmental considerations into account when assessing new potential source of energy? Though I do think that the intelligent discussion around just how environmentally damaging agro-fuels (bio-fuels from crops) are has started reassuringly early.