It was comforting to see the long ago original idea of the term ‘jacked up’ illustrated in this delightful poem complete with hound dog who probably thought it was the rapture. Love it! The good old fashioned jack. “Jacked UP”” as in lifted to beanstalk heights. “Screwed UP(wards)” as in ‘elevated’ by acme threads. Yeah!!

The current term pejorative term (and who knows how it got, should we say so ‘twisted’) has all but obliterated the humble but aspiring jack term, unless you are on the highway jacking up your car, in which case you are truly jacked. To show how out of the lingo loop I really am, when I first heard “jacked up” from a friend I though she was all exited about something as in “pumped” . Duh. Although I have my suspicions, I ain’t going to speculate exactly how Jack morphed into so many different permutations. But here are some of them for us urban lingo challenged