Jean – Glad you liked the banner. The idea of using a foggy trees photo came from a Via Neg reader who probably prefers to remain anonymous (if I’m wrong, she can feel free to out herself). In fact, it’s a crop and morph of the same photo that’s in the background of the Twitter version of “Morning Porch.” I may yet return it to its original blue tint, and change the site colors to match. Haven’t decided.

Joan – I didn’t think of that meaning of “jacked up.” Good thing, probably – it would’ve been a longer poem if I had.

I have a picture of another Jack on Visual Soma right now: here.
i don’t know why there are so many, disparate uses for that word. It’s a verbal jack-of-all-trades.

Bill – I think I’m still at the finding-the-cow stage. Which is not to be confused with having a cow. Because you can’t have your cow and eat it too, jack.

Friends don’t let friends drink and blog. The accepted pattern is drink and blaughhhh!

Now I need a drink.

sarah b – Thanks. It’s my favorite too, actually. Poems like this don’t come around very often. I feel blessed.

David – Yeah. The most I’ve done is jack up one end of this house to put new footers under it. Of course, if we ever tried to put this house on a flatbed, it would fall apart.