People don’t get poetry because they’re visual, really? I’d have thought visual thinkers would love poetry because it is usually rich in images…I’m very visual, probably equally visual and verbal. I can see why the practical might baulk. I am actually amazed by the number of people who are so negative about poetry……I think it’s lack of exposure, they were raised on a diet of the Charge of the Light Brigade (though I loved that too). I’m happy to say though that my son, who is seven, is doing quite a bit of poetry in his English classes, lots of modern, funny poems written for kids, that’s a sure fire way of engendering a love of it (plus I force feed both boys poetry *grin* though not mine!). They’ve even had a couple of poets swing by the school to do readings, that impressed me no end. Anyways, thought-provoking post, thanks Dave.