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All news items gleaned from the web. Thanks to Ernesto Priego for the idea to use PollDaddy and ReadWritePoem for the prompt.


  1. Very nice But.

    You were an inspiration for my recent blog entry, yanno. I left a light on for you, if you happen to wander off that way.

    Peas and tootsie rolls.


  2. This is a fantastic response. Love it. Love. It.


  3. I feel very empowered here.

    When do the moths take office?


  4. Thanks for the comments. I’m surprised that so many of you seem to have voted for only one option, though. Were all the others that bad?


  5. I’ve voted on three different options. Vote early, vote often.


  6. Why we maybe only voted for one.
    One Option Joan, says:
    a. I didn’t know the thing was an actual ballot until I read the comments, and then ran back to try it out.
    b. There was only one category..or implied category which I assumed was poetry.
    c. In most elections if you vote more than one choice under a category it voids your vote.
    d. I am still in post Florida/Gore shock and my have over-corrected.

    The lawsuit against God is too close to what they will do to voters who have been evicted.

    Was temporarily sidetracked by trying to figure out what happened 1300 years ago. Figured it was that pre-tidal shrinkage before Noah’s Tsunami, but it didn’t jibe with the dates of those scions of accuracy, the Bible Literalists.

    I Picked the Adam Smith one, because it’s ironic, hilarious, and I can use it to stick it to my bro who’s a Republican.

    But Dave…what was the “But” thingy?


  7. The lawsuit against God is too close to what they will do to voters who have been evicted.
    Mais oui!


  8. Finally clicked through from the feed-reader. This is great.


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