9 Replies to “Like water for ice”

  1. Just on its own, that’s one heck of a stunning photo.
    Add the words and it’s quite a composition.
    I particularly like the white words floating
    among the spaces between the icy canes.

  2. Ah yes. Superb. Absolutely superb. Particularly the confusion of sex with love. There ought to be a term for that like “pathetic fallacy”. Maybe “pathetic phallusy”.

  3. Thanks, all. “Pathetic phallusy” is great – deserves to catch on for sure!

    This postcard turned out OK, I guess, but when I was waking up this morning it occurred to me that I might’ve moved it up to the present day, and instead of the Church picked on water privitization schemes – a very conquistadorial thing, I think. Well, maybe I can tackle that some other time.

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