Hi Clive – I’m glad that poem provides some perspective on what sounds like an appalling, and potentially very dangerous, situation. I just remembered what sparked it (aside from the painting): last spring, National Public Radio did a series of stories in which one of their reporters was following in Chaucer’s footsteps — or rather, in the footsteps of his fictitious pilgrims to Canterbury. In one of the episodes, they talked about the changing demographics, and interviewed a number of long-time residents of various political persuasions, nearly all of whom expressed anti-immigrant bigotry to one degree or another. But in terms of ecological carrying capacity, I would say that Britain is already dangerously overcrowded, so I don’t know what the solution is. Personally, I do feel that if we’re going to allow the unregulated flow of capital, we have to do the same with workers — but a better solution might be to go back to tarrifs and such. Neoliberal economics are largely behind the flow of Mexicans north to the United States, too: cheap American grain has destroyed their agricultural economy. It’s a nasty business all around.