The Fly Emirates

Fly Emirates, read the perimeter ads
at the World Cup match,
& I try to picture those fabled lands:
what rare seasoning, what iridescent treasure
must glisten on that far shore
like the shoulder of an ox,
rising over the curve
of what we’ll call the earth.
Transparent sails in the harbor.
Travelers rubbing lotion into their palms.
I can already hear the buzz of trumpets
that must herald every entrance
of their emirs.

0 Replies to “The Fly Emirates”

  1. Dave – how do you keep coming up with these mind-blowing (with blow flies) poems? I know I am in the presence of a wonderful piece of writing when part of me cries out in astonishment and the other part cries out in recognition.

  2. Great one, Dave. I will, however never again be able to rub either lotion, (or bug repellent) on my hands without that visual of the little fly rubbing his ‘hands’ together. (grin)

    1. Ah, glad you liked that. I was looking for an image that didn’t reference either prayerfulness or greed, not wanting to give anyone the impression that I was making fun of Arabs or Islam.

  3. Super enjoyable! Loving your blog.

    The world cup sounds totally swarm-y. And I always look at all the advertising during sports–it’s so jarring. Nascar is probably the strangest example for me.

    1. Much as I hate branding and advertising, I have to admit that it’s the only thing that makes NASCAR even faintly watchable. Otherwise it’s just cars going around a track.

      Glad you’re enjoying the blog!

  4. Oh I like this. I was slow for a moment, and read it straight, goodness knows why as I have to jump up several times during each match to swat one!

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