It might be useful, this heart-shaped hole: flying squirrels could use it to get out of the weather. In warmer months, spiders could spin webs in it. Caterpillars could pupate in it.

birch leaf in ice

A true desert is difficult to maintain. Some scrap of life or impertinent piece of flotsam always shows up to mar the perfect bleakness. Your only option is to keep narrowing your field of vision, until at last you are all alone with your demons.

8 Replies to “Heartwood”

  1. Heheh, like a pillar saint, not enough to be in the desert, they had to put themselves on top of stone columns, then let admiring ordinary folk come and feed them!

    Love that second image.

  2. Hi Dave – I’ve been enjoying looking over your blog since introduced by Susannah over at ‘Wanderin’ Weeta’. She sent me a link because she knows I love found hearts. In fact, I have a meme called “Guest Heart Thursday” where I feature hearts others have found. I would like to feature your wonderful “Heartwood” photo on a future Guest Heart Thursday – with proper copyright and link back to your blog, of course.


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