Dave – Just about everthing in the poem actually happened. although not much into ghosts, I sensed a malevolent air about the house when I arrived, but thought it was all but gone by midsummer last year. However, a friend who is into shamanism and such things, came to visit last autumn and would stay only one night. She would not sleep in the house – slept in her car as she felt the house was hostile and had something very evil about it.
Regarding the headstone – I did find a peculiar chunk of concrete with a woman’s name and a date writ into it – it rolled out onto the grass from an odd place in the lintel of a basement window when I was closing the place up last autumn. Still trying to figure out who she is/was. Hopefully she was just around and signed her name in wet concrete when there was some pouring going on and that there isn’t anything more to that story. I borrowed the bit about the doorstep though. My neighbour’s family home down in the village has an old tombstone for a doorstep – the name and date are turned downward. I believe it may have been an old Acadian gravestone. These old houses hold many secrets.