True story. Actually two ghosts. One in an old hotel in Asbury Park and one in my parent’s house in southern California. I could add so much more.

The ghost I knew
tapped me on the shoulder
in an empty house
and left me shouting, “who’s there? who’s there?”

The ghost I knew
turned the faucets on in the upstairs bath
and laughed a wicked laugh
but only at night

In 1971 I had a friend who considered herself a psychic. The ghost was driving my father to distraction; so, I went to my friend’s house, thinking I would ask her what she knew about ghosts and how to send them on their way. I did not call in advance. Tamra opened the door wearing a black robe covered in moons and stars. She said, “Did you come to talk to me about your ghost?” Yes. She told me something to chant to it, and so I did. The ghost left. Yet, I still don’t “believe” in ghosts. They don’t make any sense, and I am a rational person. LOL!