Your door-step story made me laugh out loud Bev. We have a slate door-step here at Ty Isaf that for a few weeks on our arrival I was convinced was a tomb-stone placed face downward. In fact it turned out to be the slate top of an old billiard-table. However, when we paid a call on a local monumental mason to purchase some slate for a terrace, we saw stacks of nineteenth century slate billiard-table tops being re-processed into grave-stones! Apparently this is a common practice, as the slate in these old tables, long protected by felt and baize, is of fantastic quality.

I’m glad that your house has shed whatever malevolent air it once held. It’s the living who leave their mark on a place, and your meticulous restoration work will be adding a handsome patina of love and care to the old dwelling that will help form its new, benevolent presiding spirit. Bad things happen everywhere. Nurture restores the balance.