Questionnaire to be filled out by anyone desiring our sponsorship

Q: When you answer the telephone, how do you say hello?

Q: Describe the language in which you dream; is that your first language?

Q: Do you wear your skin like a coat, or like a shell?

Q: Should we publish your book— who will read it?

Q: How many letters do they have in their alphabet?

Q: What is the likelihood of getting eaten by a lion penned in a cage?

Q: What is the shortest distance between several broken points on a historical timeline?

Q: How many copies can you provide of your own book?

Q: What is the principle by which mercury sidles and divides?

Q: Have you ever needed to hide your true identities?

Q: Do you recognize the kind of mind that obeys aphorisms about staying in one’s place?

Q: How many words do you believe have no possible translations?

Q: Do you understand there may not be any opportunity to defend your position?

Q: You will have to provide your own reception provisions, including cutlery, food, and drink.

Q: You may stand in the foyer whole waiting for the counter to open.

Q: Please leave your shoes, umbrellas, and wet things in the bin by the door.

Q: Please make sure to leave your registration fee (no credit or debit cards, cash only).

Q: Do you understand the terms, obligations, and penalties involved?

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