When someone says It goes
without saying
, you know
it will be said anyway

When someone says Things
don’t always seem what they are,

count on it being only the preface

to a long-drawn-out scenario
you’re being told you’re not
allowed to author

But when someone reminds
Don’t wear your heart
on your sleeve,

the hottest peppers
you can muster—
for instance, the Naga

Viper or the Red
Savina Habanero— and
festoon them, unafraid.


In response to Via Negativa: Bad analogy.

One Reply to “Ticker”

  1. The smile evaporates
    at the first sensation of the fire
    composting in your mouth
    No lip reader needed
    once incineration has begun
    you go without saying

    register a new shade of red
    invoke surreal dimension in porcelain prayers
    your intake of water would shame a camel
    Do not refuse a smile
    beyond just plain silly
    hearts engagement brings us out.

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