Epilepsy Diagnosis

after, and closing with phrases from, Dave Bonta’s “Prayer
and Luisa A. Igloria’s “Border Studies: 18

A cameo lodged within the soft stuff
of the mind, Ben Franklin silhouette,
hair trapped with a ribbon. Innocuous,
until we are not watching; he begins
experiments, sends up kite and key,
he’s all about the flow of electricity,
he’s well grounded to the brain-stem.
I am made absent, undergo indelicate
adjustments of position, he turns my
ear to the shimmering world, floods
my eyes with a light rare as gin, my
head full of if

Laura M Kaminski (Halima Ayuba) grew up in Nigeria, went to school in New Orleans, and currently lives in Missouri. She serves on the editorial teams of Praxis Magazine Online (Nigeria) and Right Hand Pointing (USA). Her most recent poetry collection is Anchorhold, and The Heretic’s Hymnal: 99 New and Selected Poems, is forthcoming from Babylon Books / Balkan Press in 2018. More about her poetry is available at arkofidentity.wordpress.com.

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