Perino del Vaga: Holy Family with Saint John the Baptist
Perino del Vaga: Holy Family with Saint John the Baptist
Unfinished… Works from the Courtauld Gallery, Summer 2015

Unfinished, but delight enough in these:
the captured pause, the dissolving outline,
the delicate suggestion of process.

I have a partiality, it seems, for the partial
image, the summary (misread as summery)
evocation of a scene, a face, a figure.

Isn’t this how it is in life – the quiet click
as a roaming eye hovers and finds its focus
in something less than the whole picture?

The contour of her cheek, the shadows between
his small fingers, the meeting of two surfaces.
Incomplete is enough for me.

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  1. Ekphrasis is translation, Jean, & this translation from the visual to the imagistic works so well.


  2. Thanks, Dick. Yes, ekphrasis is translation, if a rather tangential translation in this case.


  3. Beautiful poem, Jean, one that really speaks for me as I too love the partial and unfinished image. And a lovely choice of image. Lovely to see you over here. Best wishes.


  4. Thanks, Marja-Leena. So happy to know you’re reading, my dear artist friend.


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