Up betimes and to my office, where all the morning. At noon to dinner. With us Mr. Creed, who has been deeply engaged at the office this day about the ending of his accounts, wherein he is most unhappy to have to do with a company of fools who after they have signed his accounts and made bills upon them yet dare not boldly assert to the Treasurer that they are satisfied with his accounts. Hereupon all dinner, and walking in the garden the afternoon, he and I talking of the ill management of our office, which God knows is very ill for the King’s advantage. I would I could make it better.
In the evening to my office, and at night home to supper and bed.

the deep age of this day
ending with a company of ills

no satisfied walking in the garden
no talking god

no age could make
better evening at night

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Saturday 18 April 1663.

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