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This week when a man shouts Get out
of my country
and opens fire on two brown

men sharing beers on the patio of a restaurant-
bar, it is not a dream. Today when a software

engineer returning to New York from Lagos
is given a test by border officials to prove

his tech credentials, it is not a dream.
When the foreign-born gallery owner

who is a legal resident is detained for more
than nine hours before being deported to Argentina,

it is not a dream. When a child traveling with his mother
is separated from her and taken alone to a holding cell,

it is not a dream. When the insolent border guard
shouts Arabic? Arabic? repeatedly at a grandmother

in a wheelchair who does not speak English but Farsi,
it is not a dream. All of this is happening

right now wherever the real agents of hate
and terror are drawing heavy lines and putting up

barriers in the common soil. That’s where we
need to insist on language: for every dark wound.


In response to Via Negativa: Hawk.

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