Dimples at the Chastleton Hotel

(Isabel Rosario Cooper)

               Every man's fantasy,
                                 girl in a box,
              girl in a robe, girl  
                                 in a lace-trimmed gown; never  
          a raincoat, never a pair
                                 of boots or sturdy walking
                shoes. Girl waiting 
                                 among heavy cane-
    striped and mahogany furniture
                                 sorting telegrams and notes.
          Girl eating room  
                                 service for four years
               with a silver knife
                                 and fork, ordered by no less  
     than the General himself. Yes
                                 I am that girl of the first
 grainy screen kiss, only fourteen
                                 when tipped back
             and the camera caught
                                 what people liked
            to call the first lips-
                                 to-lips. When he said
         I shall return, I thought
                                 it was me being addressed.

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