(Lord’s day). Up, not to church, but to my chamber, and there begun to enter into this book my journall of September, which in the fire-time I could not enter here, but in loose papers. At noon dined, and then to my chamber all the afternoon and night, looking over and tearing and burning all the unnecessary letters, which I have had upon my file for four or five years backward, which I intend to do quite through all my papers, that I may have nothing by me but what is worth keeping, and fit to be seen, if I should miscarry. At this work till midnight, and then to supper and to bed.

amber to enter
this ember in the fire

I enter noon and night
burning all unnecessary letters

I have my years backward
I have nothing fit to be seen

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Sunday 9 December 1666.

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