Worm’s Eye View

- after "The Well," Odilon Redon (1880)

There are people who still don't believe there's a pandemic; who think the orders to stay at home and away from work are part of an elaborate hoax to take away their freedoms and accustomed way of life. They ask questions like Do you really know anyone who's died or gotten sick from this virus? or Isn't it better to get everyone infected at one time so then they'll all have immunity? Because they act so sure of themselves, it's hard to think of an answer that will persuade them otherwise— The same way it's also hard to convince those who are so sure there's no hope and what we're seeing is end times. What do you do when you look at a surface thinking it's a silver- backed mirror, only to find it's the mouth of a well whose throat stretches so deep into the earth you can't see where it begins or ends? You think you see the reflection of your eye; but it could be someone else returning your gaze, amused at how small everything looks from that distance.


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