Talking in Families

Ours not the What's up, 
    bud; the Jim Bob 

just where do you think 
    you're going or Good

night Jim Bob; or words
    like boondoggle—

Ours not the Name
    three things you're

grateful for after saying
    grace at every meal—

Ours not the thigh 
    slapping or finger

snapping, the hair ruffling
    and Looking good, tiger!
You'd think we never
    talked except we did

all the time: we grew 
    up learning what 

a certain look meant;
    the flick of an eyebrow

or the duets made 
    by silences and slammed
doors. We've only learned
    in recent years how to say

I love you or I'm sorry
    or How do you think I feel?     




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