"When you believe in things
That you don't understand..."
                  ~ Stevie Wonder

The cat licking itself
on the sill or at the threshold,
the fork or spoon that drops 
to the floor; the fiery 
itch on your hands that you
must scratch but also put
straightaway into your pockets,
to cinch the promise of un-
expected windfall. Who knows
how many shirts you wore
inside out until someone
noticed, and that's why 
you've wound up with  
this partner, head full
of silver hair. Salt
spilled on the table, 
ash in the middle of 
a life. Remember to turn
your plate counter-
clockwise, should anyone 
get up to leave in the middle
of a meal. That way you'll
have averted some freak
accident, some truck 
driver running a red
light and plowing into
your beloved's side.
This is the way 
you'll always feel 
the push and pull
between looking forward 
and the admonition 
to never ever look back. 

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