All the recent talk about the new Marvel superhero

All the recent talk about the new Marvel superhero 
           being Filipino or FilAm or Filipinx—Specifically,
Captain America, following up on the premise 
           delivered at the conclusion of Avengers:
Endgame as the shield is given to Sam Wilson.
          Furor, though, over the name this character is 
given—Ari Agbayani, private school scholarship girl,
          hair bobbed & uniform-skirted. Short, too,
if you look closely at the sketches. She's bent on
          justice for her best friend, but does it really
kick audiences in the face if they can associate
         "labia, genitalia," with "Ari?" I'd like to know
more about her: like, does she know how to use a tabo?
         need to eat rice at nearly every meal? This
ordinary girl— does she know anything about the
         People Power revolution that toppled Marcos,
quelling the old corruptions at least for a while? 
        Remember that other guy who draped 
stars & stripes over his shoulders, held a walis 
       tambó affixed to a shield to join the January 6
uprising in the Capitol? Since Ari's described as
       vigilante-like, would she have swept this
wannabe Captain America into the Potomac? 
       Xenic cultures of rabid flag-smashers,
yelling deranged slogans— A world that teeters on 
       zombification, desperate to replicate heroes. 

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