One-winged wasp

for sale:

wilderness is within you my friend

assuming you have a healthy gut microbiome


we live in a time of signs and wonders

known as the present moment. a moment in which a tiger swallowtail might be bugging off but you capture it anyway in a good-enough-for-the-internet photo on your phone

E.T. was prophesy man i mean look at us now we are all extra, extra terrestrial man, just always phoning home. I guess that’s what it means to be terrestrial

a log i’ve stepped over hundreds of times was garnished today with these distinctive-looking cup fungi which i have never seen before in my life


it’s interesting to consider how much or how little work the word “natural” does in a phrase such as “natural smoke flavor added”


mayapples may not ripen until August it turns out, on extremely rare occasions when the local wildlife doesn’t get to them first

tastes may vary but to me a mayapple tastes less like an apple than something that may or may not be made with apples—like a junk-food version of an apple, with a very different texture in the mouth

not at all bitter, like wild lettuce

but nothing i’m going to make a point of seeking out the way i go after sassafras for example


when i last saw her this one-winged wasp had walked all the way up to her nest in the rafters


walking up the road after dark to look at the stars, but the road is full of winking glowworms—how can the sky compete?

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